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March 2009


The "Our Abundant Lives Newsletter" is published monthly by the Life More Abundant Club, which provides high quality home business information and resources to budget-conscious Christians. It is a members-only publication written and edited by Life More Abundant Club administrator Cynthia K. Lee.  Copyright 2009 - All Rights Reserved.  You are receiving this newsletter because you are a member of the LIfe More Abundant Club.  If you prefer not to receive these newsletters, please send an email with "remove members lmac news" in the subject line.  Please do not share this newsletter with others. It is for your eyes alone.


Table of Contents

--   Article: "Looking Back and Looking Forward" by Cynthia K. Lee

--  Article:  "Faith at Work: the 4 Investment Categories with the Biggest Payoff" by Winnie Anderson

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Looking Back and Looking Forward

       The Life More Abundant Club is easing into its third year of existence with about 250 members.  Sixty percent of them are Internet-users and the remaining 40% don't own or don't wish to use computers in connection with their home business activities. Most of our members were referred to the Life More Abundant Club by the quarterly catalog called Scoopified.  It contains more than 50 pages of listings regarding alternative health, nutrition, business, politics, lifestyle and more. It's a fascinating collection of information and information products. If you are not already a subscriber, you can get a sample issue by mailing $3 to: Scoopified, P.O. Box 277, Bellingham, WA 98227.

        I founded the Life More Abundant Club in the autumn of 2006 but did not officially launch it until January of 2007. It has served more as an information and advertising resource for members than an income-generating program, although it is possible to earn one-time $5 and $10 new member referral bonuses for referring new members to the Club. The Life More Abundant Club publishes the online Our Abundant Lives Newsletter for Club members only, the online Your Abundant Life Newsletter, a free publication offered to all who visit the Club website, and the (more or less bimonthly) Life More Abundant Club Newsletter for offline members.

       The second program I founded, in January 2008, developed into the Christian Home Business Association (, with a greater emphasis on Christian inspirational material, supporting and connecting Christian entrepreneurs in a wide range of home businesses, and generating a regular and growing monthly income. It has a monthly dues payment ($10 a month) rather than a one-time or annual membership dues structure like the Life More Abundant Club.  The Christian Home Business Association publishes the always-free Christian Inspiration Gazette four times a year. 

       A project that I plan to launch within a few months (God willing) is the Abundant Life Ad Sheet.  Those of you familiar with the mail order home business opportunity industry will be familiar with ad sheets. If you are not familiar with ad sheets, they are 8 1/2 x 11" pages that are covered with display ads, often front and back. An ad sheet can be a single page or extend to several pages.  The Abundant Life Ad Sheet will be a Christian-identified publication intended to serve Christian entrepreneurs. Ads about Christian products, publications or services can place free 1-inch camera ready ads or 35 word classifieds.  Other ads will be $1 per inch. This new, strictly offline undertaking reflects my ever deepening involvement in and enjoyment of the mail order industry and community.

      Given the fact that I'm managing two time and task-intensive programs of my own, plan to start a third one soon, am holding down a demanding full-time day job that I love in the non-profit sector, and am caring 24/7 for a house-bound invalid husband and five four-legged, fur-covered creatures, I have decided that I need to adopt a firm policy of not joining any home business programs Club members invite me to join, regardless of their merit, and regardless of the level of friendship and/or good intentions of those extending the invitation.  So please don't take it personally if I don't join programs you present to me, even if the program is free to join or even if you are willing to pay my way into the program. 

       For my first three years of involvement with Internet home business opportunities I did "play the field," like so many others routinely do.  Nowadays, I simply don't have the time or the desire to spread myself any thinner than I'm already spread.  I am always happy to list programs you are excited about in the "Our Abundant Lives Newsletter" Club Classifieds section, however.  So please keep em' coming!  It helps me a lot if you can write two or three paragraphs about the program you are recommending and include relevant links and contact information.  Thank you.

And on the home front...

         My husband Johnny has been home for five weeks now (after spending almost 3 months in a hospital or nursing home) and recent medical tests and consultations indicate that even though he still has a fair amount of weakness and pain he can remain at home for the longer-term. The antibiotic-resistant staph infections he developed are being managed rather than healed. We are very grateful for having our lives at home back again and for continued prayer support and good wishes from family, friends and Club members.

Abundant Blessings,



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Faith at work: The 4 Investment Categories with the Biggest Payoff

By: Winnie Anderson

     The economic collapse we’re experiencing was really a long time in coming and now that we’re looking backwards with clear and sober eyes, we can recognize the signs for what they were. Many of us were spending as though there was no tomorrow, investing our money without fully understanding or paying attention to the risks we were exposing ourselves to, and not saving enough for the rainy day that we know always comes.

     A minister spoke recently about the need to continue to give to our churches even though we may be faced with tough choices as families and individuals. He talked about the worldwide economic mess and how we had been investing in the wrong things over the years.

     He was right.

     While we work to right our individual financial houses and nationally to correct our out of sync economy, as Christians, we must work to ensure that we learn the important lessons from this situation and not lose sight of where we should really be investing our time, talent, and treasure – with our God.

     So what are the investments that will “pay off” the most for us in both the short and long term? There are four sound investment categories:

     God and Our Faith As people of faith we understand that we’re working towards the day when we’re reunited with our God. When there are no more tears, no more pain, no more suffering in any way. But as Earth-bound humans it can be all too easy for us to allow earthly pleasures and strife to distract us and lead us astray until we find ourselves trying to “serve two gods”. Each of us must reflect on how we can grow deeper in our faith, more consciously make God the center of our everyday lives, and share that joy with those around us in a community of faith, “for it is in giving that we receive, forgiving that we are pardoned, and in dying that we’re born to eternal life.”

     Health -- Ours and Our Families We all know on some level that without our health we have nothing. It’s no secret that the cost of healthcare has skyrocketed. In 2007, General Motors spent $5.6 billion to provide health insurance to it’s 1.1 million workers and retirees. Living a healthier lifestyle benefits the companies we work for and therefore could positively impact our jobs as well as our personal financial situation. A healthy life is a joyful one, where we’re able to participate in the activities we love and continue to work as we need to. Reflect on the lifestyle choices you make that negatively impact your health. Choose the one single issue that’s most negative and resolve to improve in that area. If it’s smoking, quit. If it’s lack of exercise, get off the couch. Your body and your life were given to you by God. Not doing what you can to take good care of ourselves is not appreciating what He’s given us. We must lead the way for our families in this area acting as a positive role model for good health. And we can’t forget our emotional health.

     Ourselves – understanding ourselves, growing our talents, growing spiritually We get frustrated because we want a promotion or to work on some project rather than doing our best where we are. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to improve our station or to achieve more, but it means being patient – listening for the messages God’s sending us, trusting that we’re in the place He needs us to be, and being faithful in our belief that all things happen when they’re supposed to. That doesn’t mean we sit by waiting for something to happen. Look for ways you can improve your key skills. Is there training available in your community or online? Do you have a friend who will teach you some software she knows if you teach her a skill you know? Do you have skills needed in a growing industry like healthcare? Can you take a certification program to begin a whole new career? Reach out to your local college, university, or trade school to investigate courses, schedules, and costs.

     Our Family One of the benefits of having less money to spend is we look for creative ways to have fun and that often means spending more time with those we love. As spring comes, working in the yard is a great way to get things done while working together. It encourages talking about things in general, something family members may be loathe to do otherwise. Visiting local places of interest, bird watching, gardening, making dinner together, putting together a scrapbook from old photos are just several fun things you can do together that create memories that last a lifetime.

     The recession isn’t going to end any time soon so it’s up to each of us to take action that will allow us to thrive in the future. One way is to invest in those things that truly matter and produce a return on investment that’s genuinely priceless: faith, health, family, and our own personal development. God is showing us the way if we only listen and observe.

Author Resource:-  Winnie Anderson publishes The Mustard Seed, a twice-monthly ezine that shares information and tips to connect your faith to your work life. Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager and Lead Like Jesus calls her ebook "...provocative and reflective." Get a free chapter to Faith From 9 to 5: How to Overcome the Seven Deadly Sins and Live Your Faith at Work when you subscribe to The Mustard Seed.

Article From Christian Article Bank

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      As you commune with God each day, take a moment to thank God for every good thing you see around you.  Each time you give thanks for even the smallest blessing, you increase your prosperity consciousness---your recognition of God as the unlimited source of all supply.  Prayer keeps you connected to this loving Source.

                                                       - Candi Foster, from the article: "Have Hope ... Be Ready to Receive"

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Club Classifieds

Disclaimer:  The Life More Abundant Club administration does NOT officially endorse or recommend any of the "Club Classifieds" programs listed below simply because it does not have the time, money or inclination to research every program that Club members enthusiastically recommend and want to share with their fellow Club members (and those who read the free newsletter published by the Club, which also features Club Classifieds). So, do your own research and proceed with caution. 

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Fabulous Freebies

Links of Interest

A top Christian website than offers a variety of information, inspiration and newsletters:  Faith at work is an organization dedicated to empowering people to explore, discern and act on their many gifts and calls in the complexity of their daily loves for the good of God's world.

Tools For Freedom -  Alternative information source, everything you don't hear about in the mainstream media. Lots of info on the site.  There is also a free glossy catalog.  Click on the last button on the home page menu to get the catalog.

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